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New Literature Set Available: A Tale of Two Cities

March 22, 2018

/ by

Meghan Ricketts


Attention English teachers! Questions for Charles Dickens’ classic work A Tale of Two Cities are now available on Castle Learning.

There are now over 200 questions spanning the 15 chapters of the novel: A Tale of Two Cities. There are a variety of question types focusing on different reading skills. Students will be exposed to questions requiring reading skills such as: identifying factual information, making inferences and drawing conclusions, vocabulary in context, literary terms/devices, theme, mood/tone, etc. There are also several different types of questions including multiple choice, short answer, constructed response, and essay questions.

Whether you’re reading the entire novel with your class or just a short selection from it, this question set is easy to navigate and will provide you with a well rounded question set to use with your students.

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