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New Middle School Reading Sets

May 30, 2018

/ by

Meghan Ricketts


21 NEW reading sets have been added to the Castle Learning Middle School Database. The new sets span a variety of genres and each pose unique question sets.  Students will find the set topics intriguing and the questions will stimulate classroom discussion and critical thinking.

Students will be exposed to questions requiring reading skills such as: identifying factual information, making inferences and drawing conclusions, vocabulary in context, literary terms/devices, theme, mood/tone, etc. There are also several different types of questions including multiple choice, short answer, constructed response, and essay questions. Some of the sets have also been combined into comparison sets.

Here are the titles of the new reading sets:

911 Hero: Detective Sergeant Mike Kosowski

Abigail and Me

Alternatives to Using Animals for Medical Research

An Argument for Paying College Athletes

Beauty and the Beast

Beavers and Muskrats

Captain John Jonas, 9/11 Hero

Coyote Family

Coyote Steals Summer

Diary of a Black Bear


How Fire Came to the Six Nations

How to Tell a Story

Maria Tharp

My First Juneteenth

Summer Discoveries

Surfer Bethany Hamilton

The Blind Men and the Elephant: A Rethinking of an Old Tale

The Escape Artists

Two Trips to the Sri Lanka

Unicorns Level

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