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Automated Usage Report for Administrators

March 9, 2017

/ by

Scott Fischer


Remembering to view activity on all educational resources offered by the district can be challenging. How would you like to know how much Castle Learning is being used at your school or district without a reminder? If you are an Administrator at the school or district level, this new feature is just for you.


The Castle Learning Development Team has been working on a monthly automated usage report for school or district administrators. The report will be issued monthly via an email message with a link to the report. The report will include total logins, usage by course, a comparison to the previous month, and how many activities have been printed.


Usage is the key to the effectiveness of all resources which the district or school have made available to their teachers and/or students. The automated report is designed to provide administrators a monthly update. The information should help make informed decisions for professional development and assist departments in maximizing the district’s investment.


Administrators will receive an email notice when their first report is generated. Administrators can opt-out at anytime. Please contact our support team with any questions or necessary assistance at 1-800-345-7606.


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