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Text to Speech – A Valuable Tool for Assignments

April 15, 2020

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With many students completing assignments at home without a teacher’s direct guidance, our Text to Speech feature can be a valuable tool for struggling students.  Text to Speech is a function that ensures learners of all abilities can comprehend educational content. The feature takes the text on the screen and reads it aloud.


Listening Comprehension

Students who read below grade-level can sometimes have a hard time comprehending written text. Text to Speech removes that barrier by allowing students to hear the information they need to learn. They can also review the text as many times as necessary to ensure complete understanding.


English Language Learners

Learning a new language requires immersion in both reading and listening. The tool gives English Language Learners more ways to do assignments and learn the new language.  Castle Learning gives students the option to listen to passages in English, while reading along with the Text.


To listen to a question, students can click on the Listen button on the right side of the question:


Text to Speech 2

Text to Speech 2


As the technological landscape continues to evolve in education, the need to have multiple options to obtain content is becoming essential. Text To Speech continues to be an important tool teachers can use on Castle Learning to ensure their lessons, assignments, and assessments are working as efficiently as possible for students.

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