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It's Here! Multiple Question Types in an Assignment!

December 29, 2012

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Teachers can now include multiple question types in one assignment! This feature has been a popular request, and the development team made it possible.


There is now a question type filter on the Question Criteria Page that allows a teacher to include one or more of the following: Multiple Choice, Fill-in, and/or Constructed Response Questions. The Assignments page now has two tabs: one for Flash Card assignments, and one for all other assignments! Flash Card assignments are still separate and have not been modified in any way. Rest assured that no data has been lost with this enhancement implementation.

For ease of viewing possible questions, the Browse Questions page now includes filter buttons to limit which question types are displayed.

To add a Document Based Question set to an assignment, use the new DBQ tab on the Question Criteria Page.


Remember that any Constructed Response or Document Based Question requires teacher action for grading purposes. Click the Constructed Response Details icon on the Assignment Results page to score student answers.

In addition, all reports now contain the count of Constructed Response answered questions, and scores include Constructed Response questions and grades for an assignment.


Have a lot of assignments? No worries! You can easily sort your assignments by question type by clicking the blue heading for one of the question types. Or, uncheck one of the question type filters to remove any assignment containing that type of question.

From the Student Perspective

Now students are encouraged to make a second attempt at a correct answer before moving to the next question. A dialogue will appear reminding the student that he or she can make another attempt to answer the question correctly.

Click here for a printable document that can help you quickly reference some of the changes to the way Castle Learning works.

As we continue to enhance the Castle Learning experience, please feel free to tell us how we are doing. If you have questions or comments you can email, or call (800) 345-7606 extension 1.

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