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Building Spanish and French Skills

August 27, 2014

/ by

Julie Sandorfi


Are you looking for a tool to help your students review Spanish or French vocabulary, grammar, listening and reading skills? Our foreign language assessment prep courses take a topical approach to developing language skills, similar to many textbooks and curriculum resources. Our program also incorporates listening passages read by native speakers, so be sure to read all the way to the end! 


  • greetings
  • personal information
  • time
  • weather and seasons
  • technology and communications
  • food
  • travel
  • clothes and shopping
  • the arts
  • popular media
  • leisure and sports
  • personal health and safety
  • daily routines
  • family celebrations
  • friends and school
  • home and chores
  • nature and the environment
  • the neighborhood and transportation
  • jobs and money
  • history and culture

High School Spanish and French

Spanish and French are targeted to students in high school. The vocabulary and grammar questions support and complement the reading and listening questions. Both short reading selections with a single question and lengthier selections with sets of accompanying questions are available. By integrating several levels into a single course, students preparing for higher level examinations will have the opportunity to review topics that might appear on the exams even though they are typically covered in lower grade levels.


Middle School Spanish and Elementary School Spanish

Spanish for Beginners is targeted to middle school and elementary students who are just beginning their studies with many of the same topics as in the higher-level course Spanish. Each topic includes sections on vocabulary, grammar, listening, and reading. Vocabulary questions are colorfully illustrated and include audio. Many grammar questions contain “mini-dialogues” for students to complete correctly. Authentic reading materials include advertisements, letters, and short biographies.


Spanish and French Listening Selections

A particularly exciting component of all of these courses is the listening selections that feature recordings made by native language speakers. Students are can play and replay the audio selections while answering the questions. We recommend that headphones be available to students working on these courses in a computer lab setting.

Spanish language practice assignment 

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