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OH Math Grade 4 Practice Test 2019-05

October 15, 2019

/ by

Jon Jacobs


The Castle Learning Mathematics content team would like to announce the publication of the 2019 OH Math Grade 4 Practice test. There are 24 new questions in this release that have been aligned to an Elementary Math topic and learning standard.

You can search for individual questions by level and topic, or find the released questions in Castle Learning's Public Assignments section.

To find the OH Math Grade 4 Practice Test 2019-05:

  • From your assignments page, click Create From Public Assignments.

NC Math Grade 5 Image 1 (3)

NC Math Grade 5 Image 1 (3)


  • Click the blue cross in front of Mathematics, Elementary Mathematics, Castle Assignments, and Ohio. Check the box in front of OH Math Grade 4 Practice Test 2019-05 and click Import.

Grade 4 Math-2


Castle Learning users can use the sampler exams in many ways:

  • pre- and post-tests
  • end of course state test preparation
  • practice review throughout the year

Teachers can assign the sampler to students as a simple quiz with no feedback, or as an open practice assignment with clickable vocabulary links, hints, reasons and instant feedback.

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