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Enhancements to the Castle!

June 29, 2012

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The Castle Learning Development Team is committed to enhancing the usability and functionality of Castle Learning Online. Below are features that will be released in July 2012. As you read through these changes it is important to remember that you still have access to all of your previously created assignments; nothing has been lost.

Top-Level Subjects on the Question Criteria Page

In coordination with the CCSS Standards Alignment Project, we have merged most of our content into Top-Level Subjects: English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. We listened to many educators who were looking for a simpler way to combine content from different courses and levels, and our Content Team came up with the solution to provide an all-inclusive search to make it easier and faster for educators to get to the content they need. This eliminates the need to look for content in multiple courses and increases the efficiency of the assignment creation process.



Learning English/ESL Included in English Language Arts

In order to provide the greatest level of flexibility and increased search capacity, the Content Team included all Learning English/ESL content in the newly created English Language Arts top-level subject. The Foundational Skills topic includes ESL content in addition to lower-level elementary ELA content.ESL-FoundationalSkills-Tree

Profile Page Makes it Easy to Eliminate Unused Courses

Teachers can now select to hide any courses that they do not intend to use directly from the Profile Page. This can help shorten the available course on the Assignments page and is another housekeeping option for educators. Only the selected courses will be displayed on the Assignments page. By default, all courses will be selected until deselected by a user. SelectCourses

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