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A Flipped Classroom: How Castle Learning Can Make it Easy

May 24, 2019

/ by

Jeff Hersh


Teachers have discovered the successful results that come from implementing a flipped-classroom. The flipped-classroom puts the learning emphasis directly into the hands of the students as they work through the online steps under the guidance of their teachers. Castle Learning is an essential tool for teachers implementing the flipped classroom model.


Castle allows teachers to create pre-tests for students as an initial task for each new unit. This instantly shows teachers what prior knowledge or skills students already have while pinpointing important areas to focus their instruction.


Castle Learning’s instant grading feature helps teachers quickly analyze which skills and knowledge the students need most, whether during pre-tests, benchmarks, or post-tests. Students work through the assignments at home or online in the classroom and teachers can use the provided data to see how students are doing. This allows teachers to give personalized instruction and extra help to students who need it, while others continue to work at their pace.


The ability to design different types of assessments allows teachers to focus on the needs of individual students. Thanks to the data collected during pre-tests and benchmarks, teachers can curtail their instruction to fit the needs of the different students or even redesign assessments to focus on the question types students need more practice with.


All of this is easily done through Castle Learning, whether using the database of hundreds of thousands of questions, or designing your own questions. A flipped-classroom can be a successful reality for all teachers using Castle Learning.


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