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Anxiety in your Classroom? How to Work Meditation into Your Daily Routine

April 18, 2019

/ by

Jeff Hersh


Students feel massive amounts of pressure on a daily basis. They are expected to excel in all subjects, while balancing after-school activities and commitments. They’re constantly plugged in to social media where society often pushes for people to do more and more. This can lead to the pressure to always “be on.” Time to ease stress is at a premium. When anxiety begins to affect students in the classroom, it can impede success and lead to even more anxiety and potential burn out.


The solution? Teachers can help students learn to regulate their stress and anxiety by introducing meditation into their daily routine. Meditation doesn’t have to be a perfect state of Zen. It can be as simple as quietly sitting, breathing, and connecting with the moment to step out of the business of the day.


Before starting a new unit of study, or even before administering an assessment, guide students to close their eyes and focus on deep breathing for a minute or so. Meditation apps available can help guide them through this mentally restorative process. Basic meditation skills can help clear their minds and ready them for the next lesson or challenge.


Teaching meditation, mindfulness and simple breathing exercises empowers students with a skill-set they can use the rest of their lives. You can show them how meditation eases anxiety, even in the most stressful situations.


Day to day life often expects everyone to always be on the go, multitasking and engaging in various commitments and activities. This perceived notion makes it especially harder than ever to fully disconnect and take time for self-care. Meditation tools are a simple solution for students to relieve anxiety and feel emotionally equipped to meet their goals and aspirations, regardless of what life throws at them.


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