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Back to School Classroom Trends

September 4, 2018

/ by

Jeff Hersh


Classrooms are filling up with eager young minds ready to embark on a new school year. Each year builds on the previous for students as well as teachers and administrators. The evolving world of education continues with the latest classroom trends. Here are some of the biggest trends in classrooms today.




Already a popular new teaching method, blended learning mixes classroom instruction with online study and assessments. Students are motivated by the use of technology and the shifting ways to learn within a single lesson.




Teachers continue to benefit from diagnostic assessments to help cater their teaching methods to students’ needs. When teachers’ lesson plans are malleable and open to change, assessments give instant feedback to use in the next lessons.




When teachers use authentic learning, they guide students to produce work that lends to practical, real life skills. There’s a shift from closed-circuit learning to an emphasis on functioning works and projects. Online applications allow students to create projects that actually function in the real world, as well as develop direct skills they can bring into the workforce.




As teachers’ roles continue to evolve into a position of guidance, the expectation that parents will be equal partners in the process continues to be essential. Communication channels between classroom and home are more fluid thanks to social media and educational platforms. Teachers and parents can both monitor, guide, and assist their students throughout their educational journeys.


Which classroom trends excite you this new school year?


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