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Castle Learning Extras - Get Even MORE With Your Subscription

December 20, 2017

/ by

Jeff Hersh


Castle Learning provides users with over 140,000 questions and answers, hints, reasons, ways to build assessments, share assignments with other teachers, and instant grade reports to analyze student progress. But it doesn’t stop there. Castle Learning offers add-ons and extras to enhance a teacher’s tool box even more.




Castle Learning offers extremely affordable prices for the Method Test Prep software. Method Test Prep offers students a variety of ways to study, practice and be tutored in every aspect of the SAT/ACT exams. This gives students the best chance of achieving their optimal SAT/ACT scores. Castle Learning users can register with Method Test Prep to begin their free trial and see what the excitement is all about.




Remember when touch screens seemed like a miracle? Now, teachers don't even have to touch a screen or even a single sheet of paper to grade student assessments in an instant. The GradeCam integration with Castle Learning makes grading and assessment a breeze. Teachers have the ability to scan multiple choice questions from a test or assignment into Castle Learning and receive instant feedback, just like taking the activity online. Best of all, the add-on cost is affordable and saves time. Users get immediate data via a printed bubble-sheet. Castle Learning users can test drive the GradeCam integration with a free trial on their Castle Learning account.




When is the last time you checked the pulse of your schools' physical and health education programs? In today's fast-paced academic culture, PE and health programs are often shoved to the back-burner. Castle Learning offers two add-on components via an integration with Carone Learning for supporting PE and health instruction. Carone Learning is the country’s leader in web-based courses for physical education and health. Carone’s curriculum aligns to national standards for PE & health with a focus on health related activities, learning health and fitness, and skill development.


Whether teachers are looking for a more integrated means for teaching physical education and health, or want to support students who are physically unable to participate in traditional PE activities, the materials presented in our PE and health components provide age-appropriate content that covers a variety of physical education and health-related topics.


In addition to core subject materials, Castle Learning offers affordable add-ons to enhance the teaching-learning experience. Take advantage of these amazing educational tools today and enhance the Castle Learning experience even more.


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