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Castle Learning Middle School Curriculum: Math

January 29, 2018

/ by

Jeff Hersh


Castle Learning is committed to being an essential tool for educators teaching Middle School Math. Teachers will discover questions available covering every subject, topic, and level to customize lessons and assessments to their classroom needs. The list of available questions is ever growing, plus the ability to add one’s own questions keeps the teacher in charge.


Teachers will find the Intermediate Math in Castle Learning constructed with an emphasis on problem-solving techniques and targeted to Middle School students (grades 6-8). It builds on Elementary Math, adding:

  • Algebraic techniques
  • Graphing
  • Functions
  • 3-dimensional figures


The educators who authored the course did so with an emphasis on problem-solving techniques. Grouping grade levels allows teachers to easily review and reinforce lower-level material before introducing higher-level treatment of the same or related topics.


The Math Skills section allows students to practice a variety of computational skills. Questions are generated dynamically, so students never run out of practice opportunities! These skill questions can easily be incorporated into any Castle Learning assignment (Not just Math….think Science!). In Intermediate Math, the following areas of practice are emphasized in Math Skills:

  • Analyzing Data – Mean and Median
  • Working with Decimals – Comparing and Ordering, Rounding, Dividing, Changing Metric Units, Powers of 10, and more.
  • Working with Fractions – Greatest Common Factor, Least Common Multiple, Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers, Prime Factorization, and more.
  • Ratio, Proportion, and Percent – Solving Portions and Ratios, Simple Interest, Percents and Fractions, Percents and Decimals, and more.
  • Integers, Rational Numbers, and Real Numbers – Comparing and Ordering Integers, Absolute Value, Powers and Exponents, and more.
  • Algebra: Equations and Functions – Order of Operations, Variables and Expressions, Solving Two-Step Equations, and more.
  • Problem Solving – Estimation and Rounding


This all-encompassing curriculum assures teachers, parents, and administrators that students have all the tools they need to succeed, whether it’s pre-testing, benchmark assessments or extra practice.


Share with us how the Castle Learning Middle School Math Curriculum has been utilized in your classroom.

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