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Castle Learning Testimonials - A Glimpse Inside

January 10, 2018

/ by

Jeff Hersh


Castle Learning is proud of the partnerships it’s formed with educators. Here are some testimonials from teachers and administrators discussing how Castle Learning has helped them reach the educational goals of their students.


Alan Spieldenner - US History & Government Teacher - Corinth Central School District


"Thanks to the Castle Learning team, I have recently discovered that some of the recent US History & Government Thematic Essays and DBQ Essays have suggestions and guidelines that go past the simple hints and checklists provided for some of the older essays. These helpful tips provide suggestions, outlines and even sample writing that I can use with my students to help in guiding them toward a successful Regents Exam experience.


I look at myself and my student as a team with a common goal of doing well on the NYS Regents in US History & Government. We use Castle Learning as a tool to help us work toward that common goal. To that end, the guidelines and suggestions help us visualize what a good essay should look like and how it should "sound." I "assign" both Thematic Essays and DBQs not as a method of grading, but so that we can work together to prepare good and adequate essays.


The help provided by Castle Learning includes suggested wording for opening, body and concluding paragraphs; guidelines on organization; and content suggestions. These all help us to work together in learning how to write a successful essay."


Kathy Snyder - Hilton Central School District


"The ability to have Castle Learning read (with ReadSpeaker®) is not only helpful to eliminate redundancy, but it is also a huge time-saver for teaching assistants which allows me to monitor the other Special Ed. students that are taking the test in the room. It also allows the students to go at their own pace. If a Special Ed. student is absent for the test, the whole thing has to be read aloud on another day.


Most importantly, it gives an impartial “read” of the test, which eliminates the personal interaction/voice inflection and facial expressions that the students know, as they work with us a lot. I guess I want to say that it is a better way for tests to be administered!"


Will Carano - Chemistry Teacher - Putnam Valley High School


"Thank you for creating a great academic assessment and intervention tool. Castle Learning is far and away the best I’ve ever seen! The way I can monitor my students from so many different perspectives is what I find incredible about your software. This is a powerful tool for any teacher interested in monitoring student progress in the easiest and most efficient way possible. I also can’t begin to tell you how valuable it is from the student’s perspective [and will be as they use it more]. It transfers a lot of power to the student – the feedback on questions, the links to vocabulary, flashcards, the ability to self-create their own assessment, etc.


We just received training yesterday from two of your reps. I implemented it this morning and in the afternoon for two of my classes. I created a 50 question review quiz on organic chemistry. I had 39 students total taking the quiz enthusiastically in near silence (a rare event). They seemed to really appreciate the autonomy of the whole thing and took pride in what they answered correctly and in their ability to understand the hints and explanations when they got something wrong. It was a great teaching moment for me because all of them seemed sincerely grateful for such a tool."


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