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Castle Learnings' Co-Teacher Tool

December 22, 2017

/ by

Jeff Hersh


Castle Learning continues to strive to improve and meet the needs and requests of users. Introducing the Co-Teacher tool: A way for teachers to easily share their assignments with other teachers and work together to help students achieve.


It was added because teachers are seeking ways to collaborate with colleagues on assignments, tests, quizzes and data analyses. Teaming up with other teachers to plan, edit, and create assignments and analyze results gives a better understanding of students’ strengths and weaknesses. When teachers can see results beyond their own class, they gain a better understanding of what each student needs. The Co-Teacher tool ensures no teacher stands alone.


Using this new feature is easy. Teachers can designate co-teachers for any class, which allows them to work together on any assignment. This enables both teachers to edit assignments and view results. You can even transfer assignments to other teachers. A video tutorial is provided with detailed explanations on how to use the Co-Teacher feature.


Teachers are very excited to now be able to share their Castle Learning classes and assignments with other teachers. Teaming up together, co-teachers are combining efforts to ensure all their students achieve success.


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