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Classroom Supplies You Can't Live Without

September 12, 2017

/ by

Jeff Hersh


When building a successful classroom, the supplies and items found within its walls can be considered valuable tools for learning. Stocking specific items allows students to focus their time and energy on the lessons at hand and helps teachers facilitate participation and engagement.  


The Basic Supplies

  • Pencils and pens
  • Paper clips and staplers
  • Scratch and lined paper
  • Markers, crayons, and colored pencils
  • Poster board and construction paper

Your lesson plans are vibrant and exciting, just like the energy of your classes. Be ready to supply your students with the tools they need to succeed. While students will hopefully have their own supplies, every teacher knows to anticipate students’ needs.  



  • Crates for class folders
  • Cabinets for supplies
  • Drawers for organization
  • Shelves for books

Any functioning classroom benefits from ample places to store extra supplies (see above), books, teaching materials, and student work. Students like to know their work has a home, and it makes a teacher’s life run smoother when students know where to find past assignments.


Substitute Teacher Packs


It’s savvy planning to have Substitute Teacher materials ready to go. Emergencies and sudden fevers happen. When you ensure special plans are in place, you can rest easy knowing the students are on task with meaningful activities.


New Student Packs


Changes in the class roster are a reality for teachers. In one of your storage crates or class folders, keep a running collection of current work. This, along with an introductory syllabus and class guidelines list, can be used to help situate brand new students.


Current Work Folders


A folder containing handouts and assignments missed due to an absence helps eliminate the, “What did I miss?” question that can take up valuable instructional time. Train your students on the procedure for making up missed work at the beginning of the year to save time in the future.


Displayed Awards, Certificates, and Degrees


You’ve worked so hard to get where you are today, so show it off. This isn’t a place to boast, but rather a reminder to yourself and any visitors that you’re a successful professional and have the training and recognition you deserve. It also displays goals for your students to strive towards.


Past Student Work Museum


A classroom museum of past students’ work can inspire and motivate your current students. Display only the best examples of projects. Students will see this as a “Hall of Fame” and push themselves to one day display their own work.


Current Student Work Display


Of course, students shouldn’t have to wait until they are no longer in your class to have their work on display. Include a place to exhibit current work. This results in instant pride and continual motivation to do their best.




This is one is just for you. Teaching days are so busy; sometimes you need to grab a cold drink or a fresh snack but don’t have time to leave the room. Keep a mini-fridge for well-deserved snacks.


Computer and Printer


It’s nearly impossible today to run your classroom and create your materials and handouts without a computer. Your own classroom computer allows you to work whenever you have the chance. A printer is handy when you don’t have time to make copies or need to come up with a quick assignment at a moment’s notice.


The Teachers Themselves


Truthfully, all of the above items are helpful to have in any classroom. The one thing every successful classroom absolutely needs is the teacher. The wisdom, craft, and heart that you bring to your students is the key to obtaining excellence.


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