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Computer Based Testing - Are You Ready?

March 31, 2017

/ by

Scott Fischer


The future of testing students using an automated device is here. Certainly the challenges have not been easy or smooth but computer based testing is not going away. Therefore, school districts need to accept the new platform and create a plan of action to prepare students for the automated tests.


Step One:

Provide teachers and students with a resource that mirrors the platform of the computer based test. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same, just close. Platform variety allows students to practice and become comfortable adapting to different formats without becoming overwhelmed.


Step Two:

Provide opportunities for students to practice activities that resemble the computer based test. Ideas include question formats, features, options, length of test, or site navigation. Duplicating test scenarios can remove the stress for students and teachers because they have previous experience with possible challenges.


Step Three:

Review the progress! Determine the comfort level for the students and/or class. Determine changes needed in the implementation plan which can improve efficiency and effectiveness.


Ask your software vendor for assistance.


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