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Creating Multicultural Social-Economic Environments with Castle Learning

October 15, 2018

/ by

Jeff Hersh


The educational landscape is ever evolving. As technology changes, so does its impact on the classroom. The same can be said about evolving multicultural expectations. Developing educational content that understands the importance of this evolution is crucial to improving all students’ chances for success.  

An important aspect in any educational institution today is ensuring there are multicultural social-economic environments. Assignments, assessments, lessons, and other educational-related content should use diverse names and circumstances to reach students of all multicultural social-economic backgrounds.

A multicultural social-economic environment represents all students in the learning material and allows teachers to engage with their students’ personal identities. This helps create a learning environment where all students feel accepted and validated, improving their overall educational potential. Whether it’s reading stories or seeing a representation of characters that reflect their experience, it helps make students feel like they belong. It also helps broaden the horizons of students who haven’t been exposed to these backgrounds and experiences.

Castle Learning provides educators with content that is adapted to ensure teachers can continue to build multicultural social-economic environments.


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