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Door Greeting Trends - Should You Hop on Board?

March 11, 2019

/ by

Jeff Hersh


A teacher’s day is busy, there’s no question about it. A typical day is jam packed with prep, meetings, extra help sessions and classes upon classes with spare moments unlikely to be found. However, greeting students as they arrive in the classroom can be valuable and time well spent. It’s become more and more apparent that the benefits of taking this time and welcoming students can enhance their educational experience and improve the overall culture of the school.


There are many ways to take part in this helpful trend. Teachers can stand by the door and say hello, give silent nods of approval and welcome as students enter, they can address each student by name, and give everyone a sense of belonging and achievement for simply arriving. Here are some of the many beneficial reasons to greet students at the door:


Readies Students to Learn


By greeting students as they arrive, the class has already begun. Students are reminded of the teacher’s intentions and their goals for the day. They will reach their seats already past the opening minutes of unrest and be more focused to start. This alone may save a minute daily, but hours of learning time over the course of a school year.


Encourages Positivity and Good Behavior


When taking the time to welcome students, it makes them feel like they’re somewhere they belong. This will help develop a sense of positivity and improve their self-esteem. No matter how they’re doing in other classes, in this class they know they are always welcomed warmly. This will reinforce how important respect and kindness can feel, and lead to them to engage in these habits as well. These good feelings can translate to better overall focus and behavior.


Builds Community


Welcoming students to the classroom is a reminder to all students that they are part of the class, as well as the school community. The more inviting teachers are, it sends the message that teachers are excited for individual students to be present and ready to learn. It creates a stronger sense of pride in being a part of the entire school community.


Taking the time to greet students at the door will increase a sense of belonging to the school community, enhance self-confidence, and prepare students to start learning on time. It’s time to hop on board and say “hello” every day.


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