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How Castle Learning Supports Elementary English

April 30, 2019

/ by

Jeff Hersh


Elementary English continues to be one of the essential core components of an educational journey. Teachers in search of the right tools to enhance their Elementary English lesson plans have found everything they need with Castle Learning.  

With a focus on foundational reading skills, Castle Learning’s Elementary English curriculum provides early learners with the building blocks needed to be successful students in all subjects. It includes basic skills such as identifying letters, sounds, and word families; and builds up to spelling, vocabulary, reading and literature sets.

Literature Sets

Castle Learning has an ever growing collection of question sets for novels, non-fiction, science and geography, and historical events and biographies for students to develop their skill sets.

Reading Sets

Reading sets help early learners with the basic skills they need to create a foundation for reading comprehension as well as build up familiarity with letters, spelling, and vocabulary.

Language / Grammar

Castle Learning has a robust database that allows students to review and practice the conventions of standard written English commonly expected at the elementary school level, as well as appropriate level spelling and vocabulary.

Foundational Skills

This section develops early language learners' foundational reading skills through a variety of skill and theme-based activities including the alphabet, vowels, letter sounds, word families, sight words, and audio learning.

Castle Learning supports Elementary English in ways that make it an essential tool for educators. Find out more today.


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