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How Technology Can Help Critical Reading Skills

February 1, 2019

/ by

Jeff Hersh


Reading is a fundamental skill needed in all subject areas and grade levels. Comprehension and synthesis of information shapes how successful students will be in their studies. Critical reading requires students to engage in the text at higher levels. They aren’t just absorbing information, but rather connecting with the information, asking deeper questions and coming to conclusions through careful analysis. Technology can be an essential tool to helping students develop their critical reading skills.


Here are some ways to use technology to enhance each step of critical reading:


Pre-Reading Research


Students can use the internet to read up on authors to discover more about the time period they wrote about and their intended audience. This will prepare them to absorb the text as it was meant to be absorbed.


Careful Study of The Text


Digital versions of text allows for modification to suit varying abilities and preferences of each individual student. Font size can be increased so students can be more deliberate with each word they read. This allows students to slow down their reading and break it into smaller, more digestible amounts to consider critically.


Note Taking


Apps and programs that allow students to document their notes as they read helps them note summaries, questions and reactions immediately. Their notes can be collected at the end to review. The digital technology allows them to directly connect with their reading and stay actively engaged in their critical reading.


Critical Reading skills are fostered by reading texts and actively engaging with them. Technology offers many tools and opportunities to enhance this practice. What are some ways you have have helped your students develop critical reading skills with technology?


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