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How to Use Castle Learning's Video Tutorials

July 2, 2019

/ by

Jeff Hersh


Castle Learning offers many options for teachers to discover how they can personalize and utilize the tools to enhance their lesson planning. One of the most utilized tools available is the extensive collection of video tutorials. Here, users will find tips and answers to questions about how to maximize what Castle Learning has to offer.


In quick and easy to consume 3 - 5 minute videos, Castle Learning has prepared tutorials for every component. They are broken down to be reviewed quickly, so users can efficiently learn what they need to reach their desired results.


Videos are organized under six categories:


Users will find individual videos under each category to answer questions when creating classes or assignments, and building and importing their own questions and content. They can also learn how to analyze reports and use them to pinpoint what additional lessons are needed. There is even a place for students to find answers to their questions while working on their own. Tutorials on using add-on products are also included.


The video tutorials provide expert guidance to unlock the skills and knowledge any educator can use to help their students excel.


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