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In the Absence of Recess: How to Get Your Class Moving

February 25, 2019

/ by

Jeff Hersh


School days are often filled to the brim with lessons. Time for recess is at a premium. To ensure students are learning to the best of their abilities, a short break and some light exercise can be essential. Teachers should be aware of some simple techniques to ensure this part of the learning process isn’t overlooked. Here are some ways to get your students moving throughout the school day:


Time To Stretch


After sitting for lessons, note taking or an assessment, take time to get students on their feet to move and stretch. A few minutes of stretching is something all students can take part in right by their desks. Lead the students through some simple stretches. It will help clear their mind, get their blood flowing, relieve stress, and prepare them for more learning.


Workstation Mobility


Changing up the routine of the day can be an effective way to engage students. It’s difficult to focus all day when sitting at a desk. Design the day’s work and lessons to be broken up into manageable sessions of seatwork followed by group or partner work at various stations throughout the classroom. This allows students to work on one task and then physically move around in between tasks. It’s a simple way to keep students moving and engaged in the work at hand.


Get Those Steps Breaks


Institute a class walk In the middle of the day when the energy levels of students begin to drop. Take your class on a quiet walk in the halls of the school or outside around the building if the weather permits. It might only take five minutes, but it can lead to the recharge needed to power through the rest of the day. Encourage students to use the walk to clear their minds and be mindful of the moments as they walk. It helps them learn that even a little exercise can help improve their moods, their concentration and their energy.


What are some ways you get your students moving throughout the day when recess isn’t an option?


Prepare students for computer based testing.


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