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Key Elements to User Account Maintenance

May 30, 2018

/ by

Scott Fischer


The summer break provides time for the teacher and administrator to conduct personal user account maintenance.  The following maintenance points can make your Castle Learning experience more enjoyable throughout the school year.  

A teacher should:

  1. Review their assignments or test bank.  Remove (delete) any old assignments which will not be used again. DO NOT delete or remove any active assignments, tests or assessments until all the data has been pulled or new school year rollover has been implemented.
  2. Organize the assignments or test bank into folders. The folder option is easy and helps in locating activities during the school year.  
  3. Develop or create new assignments/tests for next school year.  The pre-planning saves time during the school year.
  4. Use the share option for spreading the workload with other teachers in the building or district.
  5. Use the vocabulary bank to create flash card assignments.  Vocabulary is still a challenge for many students, and the Castle vocabulary bank can help.

An administrator should:

  1. Review the teacher and administrator accounts for accuracy.  Due to personnel changes some accounts should be deactivated/removed, and new teachers or administrators added.  The Castle Support Team is ready to help - Call 1-800-345-7606!
  2. Plan for next year’s student enrollment process.  Contact Castle Support at 1-800-345-7606 to discuss options and dates.  The new automated enrollment options via RIC One, Clever, and ClassLink, can benefit everyone!
  3. Schedule summer or fall staff development training.  Creating a comfort zone is critical to the use of any resource tool.  The calendar fills up fast, so contact the Castle Training Team via email at to lock in a convenient date.
  4. Review usage reports from the current year by scheduling an administrator’s virtual workshop. Contact the Castle Training Team via email at to set a date and time.
  5. Create a resource implementation plan for the new school year. Think outside-the-box for getting the best return on the district’s investment.

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