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Kindness in the Classroom: How to Embrace the Holiday Spirit of Giving Back

December 1, 2017

/ by

Jeff Hersh


The spirit of kindness is celebrated throughout the holidays. An emphasis on charity and helping others in need becomes a theme throughout communities. Why not capture that spirit and bring it into the classroom?


Food and Toy Drives


Designate a place in the classroom where students can bring in non-perishable foods or unopened toys for people in need. Students can decorate the bin or area of the classroom to add positivity and cheer to helping those in need during the holidays. Teachers can work with parents to find charities and places to donate items collected in the drive, making it an experience for students to share with their families.


Help Younger Students


Partner students with younger children in a different grade level for a special project or to read or write holiday stories. Empower students to feel like they can help others in school and feel proud about it.


Get Well Cards


A hospital stay is already difficult, but during the holidays it can be even more of a struggle. Even though students may not personally know someone in the hospital, creating get well cards and sending them off to patients is a way for students to empathize with those who need a little boost this time of year.


Decorating the Community


Organize field trips to help decorate local businesses, libraries, or city hall. Students can create decorations in the classroom and then spread their cheer by “decking the halls.” Decorating the school is also a fine option, so any passersby know the school is full of students who want to give back to their community.


Kindness Petitions


A kindness petition encourages students to reflect on treating others well. It serves as a commitment to go out of their way in the coming new year to be helpful to others, and always try and share their kindness every day. This can be put up in the classroom or on a bulletin board in the hallway so students are always reminded of their promise.


How do you promote the holiday spirit of giving back in your classroom?


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