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Teacher Technology: Products that Help

January 31, 2017

/ by

Jeff Hersh


The days of only needing a blackboard and lined gradebook are long gone. Teaching today requires instructors to be well-versed in technology. New tools that can help the busiest of educators make their jobs more efficient are continually developed and released.


Here are some Ed Tech products that can help teachers during their workday and beyond.




The Apple MacBook Air


The MacBook Air includes all the high functions of a MacBook that allow teachers to create assignments, save research and dates to the iCloud, and take full advantage of websites ina light, sleek design. This laptop is perfect for working anywhere and everywhere.






The Google version of a tablet is ideal for teachers needing to do quick, on the spot internet research wherever they may be. It can access apps, including Google Classroom, which can help teachers organize their planners, create digital assignments and update gradebooks. It can also be used to share videos, audio and images with students.  


Smart Phone




The newest iPhones have all the tools needed to act as a computer for any educator. You can take notes, research on the web, take professional photos and videos, and use all of it for lessons and planning.


Great Apps for Teachers


Teach Learn Lead


Think of it like Facebook for teachers; Teach Learn Lead is a place where you can connect with other educators to share ideas and lessons, conduct polls, and start discussions with others doing the same great work you do!




Additio is an app designed to help teachers manage their classrooms. It’s a virtual gradebook that helps you organize, track grades, and prep.



School Practice Assignments 




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