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Teacher Tips: How to Manage Stress

January 30, 2019

/ by

Jeff Hersh


Teachers know their careers require them to work hard well beyond the school day. There are conferences and communication with parents, lesson plans, grading, and professional development activities, just to name a few of the many after school responsibilities for teachers. It’s no wonder burnout is possible for so many educators. The constant stress can be debilitating. It’s crucial teachers practice self-care and find a comfortable balance between work and home.




Taking time to breathe and be aware of what is happening moment to moment is an essential strategy to deal with stress. Breathing deeply and mindfully and finding a way to step out of the stressful thoughts can alleviate the negative feelings. It helps regain control of the moment and clear the mind to plan the next course of action.


Diet and Exercise


It’s very common for teachers to be so busy with their workloads and family responsibilities that free time becomes strained if non-existent. The first thing to be sacrificed is often a healthy diet and exercise. They both take a little bit of time, but the benefits will actually help teachers in the long run. Eating healthy foods will keep teachers feeling better and more prepared to deal with stresses that arise. Exercise is a natural way to regulate the body and help alleviate stress.


Talk it Out


Support from friends, family and coworkers is key to helping teachers through the stress of the career. Sometimes you need to express your frustrations or anxieties and hear another’s take on it. It allows you to get out of your head and share the stressful feelings, so your support network can help you see ways to get through it. Doing the same for colleagues allows you to discover how to handle stressful situations and learn from your own advice. Find the people who support you and let them help you.




Self-care comes in many forms. Ultimately, the best way to combat stress is to be kind to yourself and carve time to rest and disconnect. This may be just a few hours a week, but whenever you can step away from your workload and focus your mind on something you enjoy, take advantage of it. Rest is essential to combating stress and making you the best teacher you can be.


What are some ways you deal with stress?


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