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The Academic Benefits of Modeling

March 25, 2019

/ by

Jeff Hersh


Teachers must bridge the gap of each student’s knowledge with every lesson. The goal is to reach all students and ensure they understand each component of new topics and concepts. For students learning new concepts, figuring out the first steps can often be difficult. Modeling new skills and concepts is a powerful strategy to help students succeed. It gives them a better chance for success when they view the roadmap before they begin on their own journey.


Modeling requires teachers to demonstrate new tasks and concepts, allowing students to observe and question before putting it into practice on their own. This helps lower the chances of student error when they apply the new concept or skill. It helps them identify the importance of the task and employ self-regulating skills as well.


Modeling empowers students to begin their tasks with the confidence to proceed. It then allows teachers to monitor students who may need extra support as they struggle to implement the new concept or skill.


No matter what the subject or assignment, a new type of math problem or the structure of a persuasive argument essay, showing students a completed example and explaining the steps to reach the final product emphasizes the skills needed to complete the assignment. It allows students to observe and absorb the teacher’s instructions to prepare them to take on the task on their own.


How have you used modeling in your classroom to increase student success?


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