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The Benefits of Credit Recovery Programs for Schools

March 13, 2019

/ by

Jeff Hersh


Not all students succeed under the parameters set by schools and districts. There are many factors that lead to some students being unable to earn passing grades, including outside factors that are difficult and unexpected. When these issues compound, students find themselves without the time in the school day to catch up. This sometimes leads to some students choosing to drop out all together. Many school districts have started recovering credit programs to offer these students an alternative opportunity to pass their classes and work their way toward a diploma.


These competency-based programs allow the students to earn variable credit. They can be after-school courses that students attend to get a collective education covering multiple subjects. They help students pass exams and raise their grade point average to earn passing grades. However, for many students, getting into the school can be the core of the problem, which is why many districts have turned to online credit-recovery programs.


Online learning opportunities allow schools to design credit-recovery curriculum to suit the needs of individual students. They allow students to work from anywhere they have access to computers and make their learning accessible in ways that can help them overcome their barriers to school attendance. The online programs offer ways to study, practice, and assess student progress and become the essential tool in helping students reach their goals despite their personal difficulties.


Technology has provided advancements in education that have changed the playing field for all students. Now there are options to ensure every student has a chance to improve their standing and their learning potential thanks to credit recovery programs.


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