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The Differences in How Technology is Used in Varying Grade Levels

February 21, 2019

/ by

Jeff Hersh


Technology continues to evolve as teachers and administrators craft the education of today’s students. As more administrators introduce technology-based educational platforms into their schools, teachers of all grade levels find ways to use these effective new tools. As students grow through the years, technology within their classrooms evolves. Here’s a look at how technology can play a different role in varying grade levels:




For younger learners, a high level of engagement and excitement to learn are the building blocks to a successful educational path. Technology plays a great role in inspiring students and helping them see the fun in learning. For these grade levels, it serves as a way to take their love of play and combines it with their education through fun and games. Learning games encourage students to celebrate their progress and allows them to practice the skills they are developing in the classroom.




As students reach middle grades, they are transitioning to more traditional methods of learning and standardized testing. However, they are still engaged by fun and games, so these types of technology driven assignments can still help to practice skills. Testing and research assignments can be done via technology as they prepare for critical thinking skills they will use in high school. Many students use social media in their personal lives, so employing online responses and assignments can be an excellent way to keep students plugged in to their education.




High school students should be prepared for all types of critical and interactive learning. Technology allows students to work on projects together, analyze their own progress and learn how to use online resources to improve their skills. They can take assessments online and respond to discussions while engaging critical thinking skills. Their collegiate and professional lives will depend on technology, so the work they do in high school will prepare them for success in their future.


Technology is an essential tool for educators to teach students of all grade levels. Discovering the best ways to reach students continues to evolve along with the technology that enhances learning.


Prepare students for computer based testing.


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