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The Importance of Art in Schools

November 29, 2018

/ by

Jeff Hersh


Art in schools is important because it helps develop students in ways beyond numbers and facts. There is so much to be gained from students engaging in fine arts, visual arts, performance and music. Here are examples of how art in schools creates a stronger academically focused student.


Fostering Creativity


Creativity is a key component to opening up the mind to new ways of thinking. The ability to create a piece of art, whether a drawing, sculpture, painting, a film, a photograph, or a piece of music, requires students to think critically about manipulating their tools to create an expression. Developing artistic abilities in school inspires students to follow through with their efforts. Furthermore, creative thinking carries over to other subjects by enhancing critical thought.


Gaining the Ability to Collaboration


Whether a concert, a play, or even an art show, students must work together to bring their work into the world. While the creative process can be a solitary effort on one end, it’s the necessity of teamwork and being able to express what is needed to accomplish the goal that is cultivated when students have art in schools. They implement the skill of collaboration in the process of creating art. Collaboration is a key skill they will need as they further their education and enter the workforce.


Learning to Value Perseverance


Art is hard, especially as students continue to learn and practice their chosen field. Whether it’s practicing to master a piece of music on an instrument, or honing one’s brush stroke skills on a canvas, art is never completely mastered. Even the greatest concert pianist must continue to practice to continue to play new compositions. Ingrained within this process of growing one’s skills is the reality that it comes at the cost of constant failure. Reworking, resculpting, starting over and practicing again and again, comes of a need to fix mistakes. Sticking with art means a student is learning that perseverance will get them through any struggle they may encounter in their education or in life.


Visual arts, music, and theatre allow student to create something that lives beyond a classroom or report card. This sense of accomplishment stirs confidence and pride within the student, knowing they have contributed something that taps into the human experience. Art is expression, and it’s a way for students to see more of what they can bring to the world. This will enhance their educational experience, providing growth across all subjects.


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