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Tools All Teacher's Lounges Need

January 19, 2017

/ by

Jeff Hersh


The teacher’s lounge has always been a place of legends. As students, we wondered what happened behind those doors. Did teachers discuss their mutual students? Did they recharge their alien powers that led to us having so much homework? Or did they just drink coffee and grade our papers?

Really, the teacher’s lounge is a place for teachers to do their planning, grading, and yes, to have a moment of decompression (if there’s time, which usually there isn’t!) Not all schools have a traditional lounge, but there’s usually a place for teachers to work when they aren’t with students. They may not be the place of the legends, and teachers today rarely have a moment in their day to themselves, but it doesn’t hurt to dream about creating a space just for teachers. 


If your school is fortunate enough to have a room dedicated to teachers then it needs to contain the following tools to help our teachers be the best they can be. 


Phone and Tablet Charging Station

There’s few more relieving sights like seeing a place you can charge your phone or tablet.



Organized Classroom Supply Cabinet

Having an organized supply cabinet saves time and sanity!



Teacher’s Refrigerator

Teachers need a place to store their greek yogurts and leftovers from last night’s dinner!



Teachers will be thankful to know there’s always a spare pen to be found.




Computer Station

For teachers to reply to emails or come up with some quick documents for their classes.



Comfortable Chairs

Ergonomic chairs to work at will make your teachers super happy to sit after all that time standing in their classrooms.


Copy Machine

The cherished tool of all teachers. Even as we move to a more paperless school environment, it’s a treasure to have quick access to the copy machine for all one’s classroom needs.




Plenty of drinking water goes without saying, but why not fizz up the situation with a teacher’s soda stream machine! Bubbly!



Coffee Maker

The more the better.  Really, this might be all the teacher’s lounge really needs.



What do you wish you had in your teacher’s lounge?  We’d love to hear!


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