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Using Castle Learning For High School Science

October 21, 2019

/ by

Jeff Hersh


High School science is an essential part of every student’s foundational education. The sciences are needed not only for earning a diploma, but also set students up for success in college and beyond.  Castle Learning offers science educators the tools and resources they need to best help their students reach their academic goals.


Castle Learning’s High School curriculum prepares students for concepts that they will encounter in higher education sciences. Using Next Generation Science Standards as the template, the course further builds on the previous curriculum, expanding the ideas of Earth-Environmental Science, Life Science (Biologic Science), and Physical Science. Click on the tabs and links below to learn more about the High School Science topical areas inside Castle Learning.


There are five subject sets for teachers to choose from:


Introduction to Science


These introductory topics are foundational to the study of science and contribute to the development of scientific literacy. Through the understanding of scientific principles, methods, and inquiry techniques, problems can be solved and new knowledge gained.


Earth and Environmental Sciences


Earth/Environmental Science covers a wide range of topics including the structure and components of the Earth, Meteorology, Astronomy, and Ecology.


Biological Science 


Life Science (Biologic Science) spans a vast number of topics and skills starting with the cell, the basic building block of life, and continuing to the discovery of important structures and organelles, then advancing into the development of organ systems. Also included is the organism’s ability to "keep healthy."


Physical Science


Physical Science covers topics in both Chemistry and Physics. Chemistry topics range from atoms and the development of the Periodic Table to chemical reactions. Physics topics range from Newton's Laws of Motion to energy, electricity and magnetism, and waves. An introduction to Nuclear Physics is included.


AP Physics


AP Physics is the first advanced placement course. It provides higher level questioning and builds on the basic fundamentals of Physical Science.


Use Castle Learning’s High School science curriculum today.  


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