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Use Castle Learning to Build Stimulus-Based Multiple Choice Skills for the Revised NYS Regents Exam in Global History & Geography

October 29, 2018

/ by

Julie Sandorfi


Use Castle Learning to Build Stimulus-Based Multiple Choice Skills for the Revised NYS Regents Exam in Global History & Geography

We have great news for New York Social Studies teachers who are preparing students for the revised Global History & Geography Regents exam, as well as teachers in other states who are building critical thinking skills for the 21st century!

The Castle Learning Social Studies team has spent the past year creating new content to help prepare both students and teachers for the major changes coming with the revised exam. This article focuses on the skills needed to tackle the Stimulus-Based Multiple Choice Questions.

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Stimulus-Based Multiple Choice Questions

The blueprint for the revised exam begins with 30 multiple-choice questions, each of which uses a stimulus such as a map, graph, chart, passage, etc. We have categorized and added new evidence-based multiple choice questions for every NYS standard. Each new multiple-choice question was created with a stimulus and a “Task Model” in mind and is categorized by both content area and time period. The items feature questions from both pre-1750 (Global I) and post-1750 (Global II). This way, both 9th and 10th grade students can benefit from practicing with stimulus-based multiple-choice questions based on the task models that they will encounter on the revised exam. In addition, the new questions still include all the same helpful hints, vocabulary words, and explanations that students and teachers already love to see in Castle Learning. Similarly, you will still have access to the same search options and categorization as our existing question bank, including: topic, theme or “tag,” difficulty level, Webb’s Depth of Knowledge level, Bloom’s Cognitive Process Dimension level, Bloom’s Knowledge Dimension level, and type of stimulus or “attribute”; as well as the easy-to-use Keyword Search!

Locating Stimulus-Based Multiple Choice Question Sets

Teachers can choose individual questions from these assignments by creating a new assignment and using the Public Assignments tab. Scroll through the assignments to find the NYS standard you’re looking for.  Be sure to choose the correct course name as shown below:

blog 1


Teachers can also grab the full Public Assignment in the course: Social Studies –>Global History and Geography –> Castle Assignments –> New York as shown below:


Click on the checkbox and then the “Import” button.  The assignment will now appear on your Global History and Geography assignment list!

We welcome any and all suggestions from teachers as we adapt to the changing exams. Feel free to contact us with ideas that will help you save time while preparing your students for success!

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