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New Public Assignments - Ohio Middle School

September 9, 2019

/ by

Meghan Ricketts


The Content Team was busy this summer! Over 300 assignments were created in English, Math, and Science, specifically for Ohio students and teachers! These assignments were created using Ohio State curriculum guides and standards. The assignments can be used for review, as pre/post tests, etc. The assignments can be used online or be printed. Keep in mind the online assignment gives teachers the benefit of data reporting and the students the benefit of our review mode which provides immediate feedback, hints, reasons, and vocabulary assistance.


Here is the breakdown of the assignments created:


  • 8th Grade Science- 51 assignments


  • 8th Grade ELA- 52 Assignments
  • 6th Grade ELA- 50 Assignments


  • 7th Grade Math- 50 assignments
  • 6th Grade Math- 110 assignments


Keep an eye out for MORE! We are already working on creating additional assignments. 

To find these assignments use these steps:

From the teacher home page:

  • Click assignments
  • Click Create from Public Assignments
  • Choose one of the three core subjects: English Language Arts, Math, Science
  • Choose an intermediate course: Intermediate English, Intermediate Math, Intermediate Science
  • Click on Castle Assignments
  • Click on Ohio
  • To view the questions in a specific assignment click on the name of the assignment
  • The questions will show up on the right hand side of the page
  • Check the box next to the assignment (or assignments) you’d like to import into your assignment folder
  • Click import

Once you’ve imported the assignment(s) you can change the name of the assignment, add additional questions AND assign it to your students.


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