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1:1 School Technology Initiative Overview

September 25, 2019

/ by

Jeff Hersh


Technology continues to evolve into an essential tool for the classroom.  Regardless of grade or level, educators understand the importance of creating future-ready students and utilizing the innate tech-based skills children bring with them to school. Many school districts are launching 1:1 school technology initiatives.  


A 1:1 school technology initiative ensures every student and educator has an online accessible device that uses uniform programs and resources. Students and teachers alike can access multimedia and communication components and be able to collaborate with others while in and out of school.  


By having a uniform device for all students, educators can even the playing field and better prepare students for the future. This is especially helpful in schools in low-income areas and where there is a greater population of minority students and English Language Learners. These students may not have access to devices or internet connections at home. Students with learning disabilities also benefit greatly when they have access to digital and online learning programs to help with specific learning challenges.


Creating a uniform technological culture in the school allows students and educators to seamlessly connect with devices and take full advantage of the tools in all their lessons and assignments. It also allows administrators to better analyze the data of each student’s accomplishments and zero in on areas that need improvement. It’s no wonder so many schools and districts are turning to a 1:1 technology initiative.  


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