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Castle Learning Tips for Creating a Stress Free Classroom

September 27, 2019

/ by

Jeff Hersh


Working can cause stress because of the high expectations we put upon ourselves to achieve.  Teachers know that though working in education is highly rewarding, it requires constant multitasking, from classroom management and instruction to teamwork and planning.   


How can teachers make sure they are doing all they can to help alleviate this stress?  


Start by creating a working environment that is altogether calming, safe, and functional.  


Is your desk neat and organized?


This is your main workspace. Keep it clear. Clutter happens fast as students hand in assignments and you spread out your workload. The more disorganized this space is, the more of a hassle it will be to find what you need when you need it. Why add that kind of stress? 


Is your classroom neat and organized? 


Some teachers are fortunate to have their own rooms, so they can dictate the level of cleanliness. Some teachers, however, share rooms. In all of these circumstances, keeping a high expectation of how the room begins and ends each day will help keep a sense of peace throughout your busy work day. This is true for other shared spaces like teacher offices or lounges. You want these to be serene environments where you can work, not places of chaos. 


Is your car clean?


This may seem outside of the need of keeping a teacher’s workspace stress free, but if you think about it, your commute to and from work sets the stage for your mindset everyday. If your car is filthy and cluttered with trash, or just being used as a storage closet, it will affect your mood to start the day. It’s the same when you leave and are ready to decompress on your trip home.  Keeping your car neat and organized is a simple first step to creating a stress-free work environment. 


How do you create a stress-free work environment for yourself?  


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