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eLearning - Webinars and Teacher Guide

March 16, 2020

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The current health crisis relating to the COVID-19 virus is making everyone consider all options to be safe and healthy.  The Castle Learning Team understands the challenges which all school districts are facing. 

If your district is considering or has closed onsite classes for a virtual format, Castle Learning can help in the delivery process.  We have a series of webinars available in our Webinar Catalog starting Monday, March 16th that specifically focus on eLearning.  These webinars are a valuable tool for teachers and administrators.

Our Teacher Guide for eLearning is a great resource that provides step by step instructions on how to manage your classes, create assignments, assign to students, etc.

If you have questions about your school or district’s plans, please contact your administrator.

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If you have questions, please contact Castle Learning via email at or call 800-345-7606.

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