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Flip the Script: Letting Students be the Teachers

February 5, 2018

/ by

Jeff Hersh


Teachers know how much work goes into preparing a lesson. They also know the amount of research, knowledge, and mastery of a subject it takes to convey the knowledge so students can learn. What happens when the teacher gives this role to the students? It puts the student in the position to closely study and learn at a more engaged level to best understand the material.


Something exciting happens when the teacher sits down and the students take the stage. Suddenly, the level of enthusiasm rises. A student-centric model makes the process more personal for both the students teaching and those listening. It provides ownership of the lesson and material as opposed to passivity. By flipping the script, the learning process is opened up to everyone.


Teaching and demonstrating a skill requires mastery of the subject. The preparation the students need to do to teach their lesson provides a purpose to engage with the material. Requiring students to teach gives them a reason to dive even deeper into their learning. The payoff is full immersion into the knowledge and skills the teacher needs to cover.


Ownership means engagement. Trusting your students to teach shows you believe in them and inspires them to take on the responsibility of ownership of the lessons. Students can use their creativity and point of view to engage their peers. The challenge of it will benefit their own learning.


When a teacher can sit back as part of the class, it provides an opportunity to help guide the young teachers. Being an active participant ensures the students are on track, on task, and hitting the marks that the teacher knows are essential to mastering the material.


A change of pace is always helpful to keep students engaged. Flipping the class roles varies how students learn. It keeps them from being passive and helps them actively learn while providing a bit of entertainment for all!


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