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How Castle Learning Can Help Teachers Prepare for Summer School

May 17, 2019

/ by

Jeff Hersh


With the end of the school year approaching, some teachers are preparing for Summer School. The hope for teachers is to effectively use their limited time finishing their current classes while preparing Summer lesson plans. Castle Learning can be an essential tool for Summer School teachers.

Finding teaching resources to help support Summer School instruction to help students grow academically can be challenging. Castle Learning allows teachers to easily search for content related questions to create assignments or access pre-built, “ready-to-go” activities and assessments. Instant grading, detailed assessment reports, and instructional feedback are benefits that save time and improve academic success.

Questions are also aligned to topics, rigor, and state or national standards so you can analyze assessment data to ensure positive progress and differentiate additional instruction as needed for your Summer School students.

Developing lesson plans for Summer School requires the same focus as the regular school year. Castle Learning is the perfect tool to adjust current assignments to quickly and efficiently reach the students in Summer School.

Start preparing your Summer School plans today with Castle Learning!


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