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How To Improve Your Math Skills

April 4, 2018

/ by

Jeff Hersh


Math skills are essential for students of every age and learning level. Math is a core subject and teaches students practical skills as well as critical thinking and quantitative analysis skills. However, math classes can move fast to cover all the material, and it’s not uncommon for students to miss concepts or fall behind. Improving math skills often requires extra effort and diligence. Here are some ways to improve your math skills.


Be Prepared in Class


Organization and focus are the two most important tools in math class. Divide a notebook into sections for notes, practice work, homework and assessments. Focusing on the teacher’s instructions and explanations goes a long way. Consider sitting in the front row and try to be as present-minded as possible during the class. Always ask questions when confusion arises. Keep a running list of questions to ask the teacher at the end of the class if there isn’t time during the lesson.  


Attend Extra Help Sessions


Many math teachers offer extra help sessions, either before and after school or during lunch periods. Maximize these opportunities by bringing problems that you need help with. Often times the teacher will be able to work through the problem in smaller steps. Sometimes rushing to finish is what trips up students, so use this time to learn how to take each question slowly and follow each step carefully.


Practice After Class


Online programs like Castle Learning offer lots of practice opportunities. There are also other websites available for students to practice math skills. These include regular math problems and math games to sharpen skills. The key is to go beyond the homework assignments and keep practicing skills. Even going back and working on previous lessons again will be beneficial to students.


Apply Math to Real Life


When you’re at the store or watching and playing sports, take the time to find math problems presented. Add prices of items at the supermarket, or figure out sale percentages. Keep track of stats in sports and apply mathematics, seeking out math in everyday life will help you improve your math skills.


Find a Tutor


Sometimes a tutor is the best way to improve your skills. Whether it’s one-on-one or in small groups, finding a tutor to give extra support can help improve your overall skills. Some schools offer tutors through the district, and there are many tutoring centers focused on math. Online tutoring is also a way to meet with a tutor without having to leave your home.


Most importantly, practice is the best thing to do to improve math skills. The extra effort will pay off and lead you on a path to success.  


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