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How You Can Help Hungry Students

October 24, 2019

/ by

Jeff Hersh


The hard truth is that many students come to public schools hungry. Communities where families are struggling often include children not getting the healthy nutrition they require. Trying to learn and excel at school is a struggle when students are hungry. What can teachers do to help?




A small supply of healthy snacks, including low-sugar and whole grain packaged snacks and fresh fruits can go a long way to helping a student in need.  Not all students will ask for the snacks, as many won’t want others to know about their situation, but offering it up to students before or after class can help them be more prepared to learn. 




Teachers are the eyes and ears on the ground for the school. If you suspect a student may be coming to school hungry, talk to an administrator to help find solutions for the student. The school may have a meal program for students in need. Sometimes they just need a teacher in their corner to help them take advantage of such programs.  




While keeping a small snack supply and using the school resources to help your students can go a long way, a more expansive solution is to ask the local community for help. Reach out and organize food drives, donations for the class snack supply,  or even find sponsors for catered breakfasts to involve local businesses.


What are some ways you have helped make sure hungry students get the nutrition they need?  


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