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Methods to Improve Reading Skills

March 14, 2018

/ by

Jeff Hersh


Reading skills are essential for student success. Fortunately, reading can easily be embedded into any lesson plan. There’s never a wrong time to practice and improve reading skills. Here are some simple methods to help students improve this essential element of learning.




As students read, ask them to write down main ideas, questions, or important facts they noticed. Active reading helps students learn to read carefully and make sure they are comprehending as they go. It teaches them that reading is thinking.




The close reading strategy encourages students to take more time with the text and learn how to focus on what they are reading. Take a paragraph, passage or scene from a book and have students rewrite it in a different form. Students can work in partners or small groups if desired. Format options include writing it as a script, illustrating it, or changing the dialect or setting to make it modern. The key is to show that they have understood the original text and can still recreate the meaning in these new forms.




Whether it’s 10 minutes or an hour -- find time to let students simply read. This helps create the habit of reading and nurtures reading for pure enjoyment. Let the students choose their own books for these personal reading times to give them ownership and help them engage in material that excites them.


How do you help your students improve their reading skills in the classroom?


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