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School Back Up Plans For Online Test Day System Crashes

July 23, 2019

/ by

Jeff Hersh


Online testing continues to become more common. This kind of testing not only allows students to take advantage of their inclination to use technology, but also gives educators many advantages like instant grading and analysis of students’ progress. As more and more schools convert to online testing, they need to prepare for the potential problems that come with digital education. Worst-case scenarios are not likely, but preparation is key. If the testing computer system crashes on test day, teachers and administrators need to have back-up methods in place to ensure students are still able to take their exams.  


Back-up Servers 


If school online testing is based on an internal network, there’s an opportunity to set up a separate server just for the school or district. If there’s an issue with the internet service, a backup server allows the opportunity to switch servers and still continue testing without interruption.  


Digital Off-Line Exams 


Download off-line versions of the exams so in the event of an outage the students can still take the test using technology. Their responses are saved on the devices and when the network is back online, teachers can take advantage of the online testing components.  


Hard Copies


If back-up servers and off-line exams simply aren’t an option, paper copies of the exams can save administrators and educators from a test day system crash crisis. Online testing has its advantageous, but paper versions of exams are still viable options. The key is to make sure students are able to take their test, so if technology fails, it’s best to go analog.  


What are some of your school’s plans for dealing with online test day system crashes?  


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