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Summer Maintenance Time for Your Castle Learning Account

June 13, 2018

/ by

Jeff Hersh


For many educators, summer is a time to reflect and recharge. It’s also an ideal time for some professional maintenance. This can be in the form of cleaning out files, developing new lessons, and making sure all your tools are ready for the new school year. Summer is a prime time to go into your Castle Learning account and do this.  

Your Castle Learning account is available all summer for you to go through and prepare for your new classes. Teachers can review classes, assignments and questions, and add or remove anything they need. It’s also an opportunity to communicate with other teachers and share successful assignments and assessments. Teachers also find summer a useful time to adjust assessments based on how they worked during the previous school year.

The summer months are ideal for educators to rest and prepare for the upcoming school year. Castle Learning is available to users to apply any account maintenance necessary. Take advantage of this opportunity to set your account and assignments up and be ready to help your students succeed in the new school year.  


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