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Three Key Elements of Staff Development

October 7, 2019

/ by

Jeff Hersh


Schools are always looking for new professional development opportunities to help teachers and staff be more effective. As methodologies and practices continue to evolve, it’s up to administrators to set up avenues for their teachers to learn. Improving techniques and mastering methods ensures students are receiving the best education possible. Staff development is a key component in every school and district. 


There are three key elements to staff development which are needed for teachers to successfully grow in their skills:  




Teachers need to be given the time and ability to attend meetings, courses, lectures, or workshops.  A teacher’s schedule is already filled with their workload, so it’s up to the district to find development opportunities that allow time for teachers to attend and learn.  




Administrators know the value of teachers’ time, so staff development opportunities must be productive and worthwhile. The goal is to help teachers refine and better their skills and methodologies so their students can benefit in the classroom. Finding programs that address the wants and needs of the teachers and administration is a crucial process..  




Once teachers have gone through the learning process, they need time and support to practice new skills. Many times once the day-long workshop is over, teachers are left to fend for themselves. It’s important for administrators to set up ongoing support and resources for teachers as they implement new practices into their classrooms. It’s also important for teachers to have the opportunity to report back to administration on their reactions and results to new practices.


Castle Learning offers training options to administrators to help teachers use the tools. These training options are offered through webinars, which are often an ideal way to reach a large number of staff members. Staff development programs assure administrators and parents that school staff are using the most current, innovative teaching techniques and technologies available to support all students.  


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