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Upcoming Castle Learning Webinars

May 14, 2019

/ by

Jeff Hersh


Professional Development is an essential part of an educator’s career trajectory.  Castle Learning offers educators many ways to enhance their skills and knowledge to take full advantage of the tools available to them.  


Webinars are an ideal way to gain instructional insights and tips because of the convenience of being able to attend from a classroom, office or even your own home.


This FREE 6-session series will introduce Teachers and Instructional Technology Support Specialists to Castle Learning and includes all the NEW FEATURES that have been added this past school year.

Applicable for Grades K-12, Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, French, and Music teachers. This is also a great resource for Special Education teachers.


A certificate of attendance will be given with each session. NOTE: It is up to your school to offer any CTLE credit for your attendance. We do not offer CTLE credits at this time.


Each session below is offered this summer on Monday mornings from 8:30-9:30 AM (EST).


  1. July 15: Student Center and Creating Classes
  2. July 22: Creating Assignments using the Castle Questions and Keyword Search and How to Use Self-Assign for Class Activities
  3. July 29: Assignment Editor Screen, NEW Printing feature, and Assign to Students
  4. August 5: Students Answering CR Questions, Grading Constructed Response, Reports and Auto Mastery Retake Assignments
  5. August 12: Co-Teacher, Creating Folders, Share, Duplicate, etc. Linking assignments with Google Classroom and various LMS’s, and finding specific content area questions - ELA (Lit Sets, Reading Sets, Source Writing Essays), Spanish/French, Science, Math Skills, Global/US History
  6. August 19: Personal Content (Create/Edit Castle Questions, Attach Resources, Flashcards)

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Prepare students for computer based testing.

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