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Using Castle Learning For Elementary English

October 15, 2019

/ by

Jeff Hersh


Castle Learning offers tools and solutions to help educators teach Elementary English. Reading, writing, and grammar skills taught in elementary school pave the way for students’ future successes. The goal of Castle Learning’s Elementary English program is to assist teachers in creating a solid foundation for young learners.


Literature sets range from novels to non-fiction, including scientific and historical documents.  


Book sets focus on foundational reading skills. The course provides early learners with the building blocks needed to be successful readers and writers. It includes basic skills such as identifying letters, sounds, and word families. It then builds up to spelling, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.


The DBQ/Source Writing set includes 2-3 reading passages with scaffolded questions that lead into extended response (essay) questions.


The Language/Grammar sets are robust databases that allow students to review and practice the conventions of standard written English commonly expected at the elementary school level, as well as appropriate level spelling and vocabulary.


The Foundational Skills section focuses on developing early language learners' foundational reading skills through a variety of skill and theme-based activities.


Take advantage of Castle Learning’s Elementary English course in your classroom today.  



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