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Using the Classroom to Help Others This Holiday Season

December 5, 2018

/ by

Jeff Hersh


As the holidays approach, teachers everywhere know their students’ attention will be stretched with the anticipation of winter break. Even teachers themselves may be checking the calendar more often as they prepare for holiday celebrations of their own. This extra enthusiasm can be used by both teachers and students to give back to the community and share the holiday spirit.


Here are some ways teachers can remind students about the heart of the holiday season while helping those in need in the community.




Encourage students to bring in non-perishable food items during the month of December. Challenge students to help fill the pantries of the less fortunate. Before the school closes for the holidays, arrange for parents to deliver the food to local shelters to make sure no one goes hungry in the community this holiday season.




Like the food, there are families in the community who can’t afford to give their children toys. Ask students to anonymously bring in toys that can be given to those in need. Once all the toys have been collected, host a present wrapping event for students and families to help get the gifts ready for giving.




Unfortunately, some people spend the holidays in local hospitals. Have students create get well cards for these individuals. Personalize the cards if possible. If patients are anonymous, have students tell the patient about their year and what they hope for in the new year. A get well wish from a student in the community will go a long way to making their hospital stay a little better.




Put together a holiday fundraiser by class, grade level, or school-wide. Invite parents and community members to the school for the event and ask for donations which can be presented to charities. The fundraiser could include songs, skits, arts and crafts taught by students, or anything the students are excited to share with the community.


What are some ways you have students give back to the community during the holiday season?


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